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Micro Mini Paper Pieced Pumpkin Pattern

 Cooler weather means fall fun! Dig out some of your fabric scraps for this adorable pumpkin mini quilt or coaster! If this is the first time paper piecing, I have included those instructions below, and you can click here for the FREE pattern; Micro Mini Log Cabin Pumpkin Paper Piecing Instructions; STEP 1: Fold the template on the stitching line  between pieces a and b (Figure 1). Unfold the  template. STEP 2: Using a piece of fabric large enough to cover piece 1 and the seam allowance around it, place the reverse side of the fabric to the back of the foundation template. Using a piece of fabric large enough to cover piece 2, place it right sides together with fabric a (Figure 2).  To ensure that your piece 2 fabric is in the  correct position, align it while the template is folded. At the least, it should cover the area when folded. STEP 3: Carefully pick up the fabric and template and move to your machine. Unfold the template and stitch the line between 1 and 2. Start sewing 1/8 inc