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Holiday Stocking

Use it or loose it by Lesley Chaisson of Berry Birdy Designs I read a story of a quilter who had bought and saved many precious quilting fabrics for years. Her stash was impressive and quilting skills admired. Upon her untimely passing however, her quilting fabrics were given away and sold off (of course for a portion of the cost of them!). There was no one in the family who had interest or  desire to continue on with her most beloved hobby. Why do I share this with you? First, let me tell you about my daughter. A few years ago she bagan sharing her  fabric collection with me by presenting me with various pieces of 2 1/2” squares. She would cut them up for her projects and her fabric packs on Etsy, and then give some to me. The little square piles ended up in baskets, on shelves in my sewing room, and carefully stacked neatly in drawers, until I eventually decided they needed a better home. Once these darling pieces started piling up, I realized that when I started a new project, I wou