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Mini Quilt Madness

Here is another one of my "micro mini" quilts that I made for the Make Modern Magazine challenge! This one measures at 5 1/2" square, just under the 6" size limit! I hadn't planned on it having the four different colour schemes in it, but I simply love the rainbow look to it.

Micro Mini Quilt

Over the past year I was introduced to Instagram by a good friend of mine who is also a fellow creator of many things such as myself. I tried to stay away from it, since Facebook, Twitter, Email, my Etsy...etc seem to fill my daily internet allotment.  But, I finally gave in, and now I am pleasantly finding IG one of my fav sharing platforms.  Along with the desire to join numerous swap groups, which can be terribly addicting, a couple months ago I created a few micro mini quilts for the Make Modern Magazine.  This one was the teeny tiniest of them all, measuring at 1" square!  I was thrilled that the "fussy-cut" mushrooms and tulips turned out so well, measuring at only 1/4"! Yikes!  I figured it was so small that displaying it among other "I spy" like items would emphasize the size of it best!