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Eye Pad Pattern

 Ahhh Sleep!! One of the most wonderful things in the world....except how many nights do we spend tossing and turning only to get up multiple times for babies, the dog barking, the windows are open and it starts to rain... Sleep is a precious thing to everyone and most of us don't get enough of it. Here is my answer. Introducing the new EYE PAD. No monthly payment plans, no special case for it to go in, no apps or downloads, just a simple pattern and you are in dreamland!  Materials Needed; 9" X 4" piece of front fabric or letters that are sewn together with a  border to create a 9" X 4" piece for the front 9" X 4" piece of thin batting 9" X 4" piece of fussy fabric 1 1/8" bias strip for binding 18" long Matching thread 1/2" wide elastic (enough to wrap around the back of the head from eye to eye Steps; Trace the Eye Pad template onto the front fabric.  Layer the front, batting and backing fabric. Sew along the traced line. Cut