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Micro Mini Christmas Tree Quilt

  Available Here Are you addicted to sewing tiny or ready to use up some of your itty bitty fabric scraps that are too precious to throw away?  If you would like to make more Micro Mini Quilts my Complete Collection is  Available Here   Follow along with me on  YouTube  with full instructions to learn how to make this Micro Mini Tree Quilt
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Micro Mini Paper Pieced Pumpkin Pattern

 Cooler weather means fall fun! Dig out some of your fabric scraps for this adorable pumpkin mini quilt or coaster! If this is the first time paper piecing, I have included those instructions below, and you can click here for the FREE pattern; Micro Mini Log Cabin Pumpkin Paper Piecing Instructions; STEP 1: Fold the template on the stitching line  between pieces a and b (Figure 1). Unfold the  template. STEP 2: Using a piece of fabric large enough to cover piece 1 and the seam allowance around it, place the reverse side of the fabric to the back of the foundation template. Using a piece of fabric large enough to cover piece 2, place it right sides together with fabric a (Figure 2).  To ensure that your piece 2 fabric is in the  correct position, align it while the template is folded. At the least, it should cover the area when folded. STEP 3: Carefully pick up the fabric and template and move to your machine. Unfold the template and stitch the line between 1 and 2. Start sewing 1/8 inc

Summer Waves Micro Mini Quilt

 Summer is approaching and time outside is precious during this warm season. But do you still find the need for sewing and quilting? This super easy mini quilt can be sewn up in no time with your fabric scraps  and can be used as a coaster, phone rest, folded in half for a glasses case....there are so many options! May is also the Micro Mini Sew Along on my Instagram, so if you are looking for some more mini inspirations for quick and easy projects, check out the hashtag #microminisal  You can also find the pattern for the full sized pillow on my Etsy page as well, and it includes instructions on how I sew in a zipper along my binding to hide it and make the pillow case washable! Find the pattern here . You can download a PDF version of the pattern here .

Micro Mini Sew Along 2023!

 Micro Mini Sew Along 2023! It's almost May again, which means the Micro Mini Sew-Along will  begin in the coming weeks. It runs May 1st - 31st which gives you plenty of time to whip up a super small adorable creation! This is the 6th year of the sew-along and if you check out the tag #microminisal on Instagram you will see hundreds of micro mini creations that many of my followers have been creating over the past few years. If you would like to take part in the Sew-Aong (aka SAL), simply follow me on Instagram at @berry_birdy for updates, and #microminisal to see who is participating and their tiny, cute little entries to win some fabulous prizes! What's a Micro Mini? It's a teeny, tiny little mini quilted project that is 8" or smaller. (The first year it was 6" and I decided that 8" may be better for those who are trying out tiny sewing for the first time :)). It can be a tiny quilt, a postcard, a luggage tag, anything you would like that is quilted. How do

Heart Mug Rug

Heart mug rug Materials Needed; Various pieces of fabric ranging from 2” square - 6” X 3” Finished Size; 9 wide”  SEWING TIPS; When sewing the binding around the heart, begin sewing on the bias  binding at the inner point, gently “guide” the binding in (no pull but gently push) around the outer curves. You can find full instructions for making this heart on my YouTube Channel - BerryBirdy. or IG @Berry_Birdy  You can also download the PDF version HERE

Micro Mini Valentine

 Micro Mini quilts are one of my favourite things to make at the moment. They are quick, use up scraps, and can be used for so many different things including; Phone rest / Prayer quilt /  Valentine / Ornament / Coaster / Mug Rug / Luggage tag I had been gifted a darling box of fabric scraps a few months ago and I have been enjoying sifting through the pieces finding the perfect centres to these minis. I loved the look of this sweet girl and teddy which has a vintage feel to them. They are slightly smaller than a gift card (approx 3" X 4") so that I can send them in the mail! The following are the paper-pieced instructions and you can click on the link to download them too. Get the pattern HERE I also created a few using the same technique, I simply made the strips different sizes. You can also check out my YouTube video where I show step by step how to make one without the pattern. Click HERE to watch! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see my new postings and c

Mini Needlebook Pattern

Sew up this darling needlebook in no time and use up some sweet little fabric to showcase in the centre! These make great gifts for your quilting and sewing friends.   You can find the custom made pins in my shop on Instagram @berry_birdy_shop  Instructions; Copy the template to your desktop and print it out so it measures  2" X 2 1/2". Cut it out leaving at least 1/2" around the outer edges. 1. Shorten your stitch length to 1.5 - 1.8mm.  2. Beginning in the centre of the envelope, place the cat (or other fussy cut fabric in the centre covering the #1 space. The pieces need to be slightly larger than the area they are covering.  3. Place a pink strip along the #1 and #2 line with right sides together on the wrong side of the template (the back of the paper). Pin in place. Hint; It can be helpful to hold it up into the light for positioning. 4. Flip the template over and sew along the line in between the #1 and #2 areas extending at least 1/8” beyond the line on either en