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Micro Mini Sew Along 2023!

 Micro Mini Sew Along 2023! It's almost May again, which means the Micro Mini Sew-Along will  begin in the coming weeks. It runs May 1st - 31st which gives you plenty of time to whip up a super small adorable creation! This is the 6th year of the sew-along and if you check out the tag #microminisal on Instagram you will see hundreds of micro mini creations that many of my followers have been creating over the past few years. If you would like to take part in the Sew-Aong (aka SAL), simply follow me on Instagram at @berry_birdy for updates, and #microminisal to see who is participating and their tiny, cute little entries to win some fabulous prizes! What's a Micro Mini? It's a teeny, tiny little mini quilted project that is 8" or smaller. (The first year it was 6" and I decided that 8" may be better for those who are trying out tiny sewing for the first time :)). It can be a tiny quilt, a postcard, a luggage tag, anything you would like that is quilted. How do