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Teeny Tiny Pincushions!

Sew-a-longs are quite popular on Facebook and Instagram with the ability to post lovely creations every day and share the wonderful things we have been working on together in groups.  The most recent one I have participated in was hosted by the delightful @tinkerellen on IG.  I have included some pics of the little gems I have been sewing up, and have had a few requests for a couple of the patterns! I am overjoyed when there are others that would like to create the things that I have made :) The instructions are for the strawberry hexie pinnie and the snail pinnie.  The hexie is paper pieced, so you will need to print out the pattern and the sew onto the paper with the paper pieced method, then sew the entire front onto a back fabric leaving one side open to turn.  Then, stuff with batting and if you like, sew a little ribbon on to the last edge. For the Snail Pinne;  You will need to print out the pattern, then cut out your shapes from the paper.   Place them onto your fa