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Garden veggie basket for spring

I made this wooden and wire basket from some scraps I had lying around my garage. Sides measure 9" square and bottoms are rounded off with a Ban Saw. Then I cut a 1 x 4 in half for the sides of the handle, 18" long and screwed them to the bottom of the sides. I then bent the wire around the sides and stapled them on, I also hammered the staples to be sure they were in deep. After that, I cut a 1 x 4 into thirds for the top edges of the basket and the handle. All three are 12" long. I predrilled the handle so that I could use a 3" wood screw so that the handle was strong, and put on the sides! Now I just need the garden.....

Ladder shelf

I saw this in Winners and a smaller version of it... So of course I had to make it for the little store! The one is 6' tall and 2' wide. The bottom shelf ended up being 16" wide, which is just perfect for baskets of plants or vintage suitcases! Love it!

Drawer front hook rack

On one of my trips to the "Garbage recycle center" someone had tossed a dresser into the wood pile. I managed to salvage this drawer front....took it home and removed the handles, then with a big chain, hit it all over to make the "dents". Then I painted the entire surface black. When it was dry, I sanded it down to show the original brown and the dents are the black specks all over, this worked well to hide the scuff marks. I had picked up some hooks at the hardware store and put two in the same spot that the handles where and the third I measured and put in the center! Soooo cute!!

Shadow box upcycle

So I came across this shadow box in the window of a second hand store and snatched it up! What a fun project! First I sanded it down to get rid of the scratches on it so the wood is smooth. Then I filled the holes with wood fill (It can be found at any hardware store and purchased in many different sizes, if you plan on redoing a few projects, don't be afraid to pick up a bigger one!). Then I used a latex spray paint which can be purchased at any hardware store and sprayed a few even coats over the entire piece. Then cut a piece of wire which I also bought from a hardware store which is sold by the foot. I used wire cutters and cut the wire to fit in place of the glass which was missing. Then I used a "Stayson" stamp pad and a cute stamp and stamped a saying in the bottom corner, a little flower or leaf would be cute too. And done! Shadow box with missing glass looks new!