Watercolour Quilting

Watercolour quilting is one of my favourite techniques! I love the blending of the fabrics to create a beautiful fabric masterpiece! Here are a few steps to get you going, but you can also check out my video too, for full instructions!

Start off with a selection of light, medium and dark floral or medium print fabrics.  I find florals work best for the blending effect. Cut the fabrics into 2" squares. You may use 2 1/2" squares too, but the blending can become slightly harder with larger pieces.

Begin your project by laying out your squares, starting with lights or darks and putting squares together that blend well.  You will find it helpful in some instances to turn your squares so they blend better, so even flipping your fabrics over so you have a lighter piece.

You may make your project as big as you like, or blend from dark to light, from top to bottom, or even blend dark to light and then to dark again! Be creative and try it out!  You can even try to fit in fun prints like the dogs and the houses on the bottom row. :)

Stitch your squares together in rows and then sew the rows together.  I like to press the back of my project first so that I can be sure all seams are butted up against each other and they press in the right direction.  Mist the front of your quilt and then press again.

Make your project into a pillow, bag or even a pretty wall hanging!

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