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Stain washing

This technique is like "whitewashing" but using stain over the paint to create a darker washed over look... So I call it "Stainwashing". First you paint the item with a semi-gloss acrylic latex paint. I like the semi-gloss because it washes over nicer with the stain. You may use a matte if you would like a less streaky look. Let it dry completely before using the stain. The stain I used is Minwax poly shades in Mission Oak. This one has a not so dark look but still creates a washed over streak. Using a regular paint brush, quickly paint over an even stoke over one surface. It good to start on a small part and work to the bigger areas so you can get the hang of it. The stain dries pretty fast and you will need to work quickly. When you have the area covered, take a cotton cloth and gently rub the stain in long even strokes. This will "rub" the stain in and create the Stainwashed look. You can do a couple coats if you wish, just be sure to let the first coat dry. Be careful of corners and cracks as the stain will gather there, I "dabbed" with the rag in those areas so that it didn't appear so much darker where the stain pooled. Let it dry and put on your handles!


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Heart mug rug Materials Needed; Various pieces of fabric ranging from 2” square - 6” X 3” Finished Size; 9 wide”  SEWING TIPS; When sewing the binding around the heart, begin sewing on the bias  binding at the inner point, gently “guide” the binding in (no pull but gently push) around the outer curves. You can find full instructions for making this heart on my YouTube Channel - BerryBirdy. or IG @Berry_Birdy  You can also download the PDF version HERE

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Love is definitely a funny thing. The dictionary describes it as an intense feeling of deep affection. Wikipedia explains love as ‘encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states.’ However we try to explain it or understand it, love is very exciting, complicated and even painful.  I have spent a good portion of my life dedicated to those I love, by comitting my time, energy, and efforts while creating lasting and meaninful relationships. I have collected these lasting memories that are being stored on the shelves of my life. James M. Barrie said it perfectly; “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” I still remember my first love...Ah! The sweetness of young love! We were in Grade 1, and on Valentine’s Day he presented me with the most wonderful handmade gift, a stuffed heart. It was made of flannel and had white lace around the outer edges. It looked like it was something he made, with hot glue holding it together, although I am sure he must

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