Chalkboard sign DIY

So I don't know why I never came up with this one before, with all the adorable and inspirational sayings out there, why not have a sign you can change every day?
My Dad used a Router on the edges of a 1/2" MDF board to make it look a little fancier, then I painted it with latex paint. After it dried, I applied the chalkboard paint with a mini roller which I found have a nice smooth surface rather than the paint marks that a brush left. I put on three good coats and let it dry in between coats. Then I drilled two holes in the top and used twine to hang it. Now a new saying or message every day!
I also did the same to an old picture frame. I removed the glass and picture and used the hard pressboard on the back which has a smooth surface, perfect for a chalkboard. Applied three coats and painted the frame.... Put it together and now I have a cute message / list boars.

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