Shadow box upcycle

So I came across this shadow box in the window of a second hand store and snatched it up! What a fun project! First I sanded it down to get rid of the scratches on it so the wood is smooth. Then I filled the holes with wood fill (It can be found at any hardware store and purchased in many different sizes, if you plan on redoing a few projects, don't be afraid to pick up a bigger one!). Then I used a latex spray paint which can be purchased at any hardware store and sprayed a few even coats over the entire piece. Then cut a piece of wire which I also bought from a hardware store which is sold by the foot. I used wire cutters and cut the wire to fit in place of the glass which was missing. Then I used a "Stayson" stamp pad and a cute stamp and stamped a saying in the bottom corner, a little flower or leaf would be cute too. And done! Shadow box with missing glass looks new!

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