Garden veggie basket for spring

I made this wooden and wire basket from some scraps I had lying around my garage. Sides measure 9" square and bottoms are rounded off with a Ban Saw. Then I cut a 1 x 4 in half for the sides of the handle, 18" long and screwed them to the bottom of the sides. I then bent the wire around the sides and stapled them on, I also hammered the staples to be sure they were in deep. After that, I cut a 1 x 4 into thirds for the top edges of the basket and the handle. All three are 12" long. I predrilled the handle so that I could use a 3" wood screw so that the handle was strong, and put on the sides! Now I just need the garden.....

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  1. This is super cute! I just planted all my flowers today and this weekend the garden goes in.